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Tim Hysell is the co-founder and CEO of ZincFive®, the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc batteries and power solutions. With more than 90 patents awarded, ZincFive technology harnesses the power of good chemistry to propel the world forward. ZincFive technology leverages the safety and sustainability of nickel-zinc chemistry to provide high power density and performance to mission critical applications.

Tim has over three decades of entrepreneurial success in founding, owning, and directing profitable business operations in renewable energy, banking, manufacturing, and medical devices. His companies partnered with global giants such as Siemens, Phillips, and Hewlett-Packard. He excels at corporate transaction negotiations, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, IPO preparation, market share growth, and board leadership. Prior to owning his own businesses, Tim worked for General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, and Providence Health Systems.

Over the past decade Tim has expertly guided the creation and deployment of ZincFive’s nickel-zinc rechargeable battery technology. He founded and chaired PSI Acquisitions and Millennium Power Solutions – where the UPStealth® was invented – and ZincFive, which is establishing nickel-zinc as the fifth rechargeable battery to scale across the world.

Tim is also a co-founder and board member of Pacific West Bank in Oregon.

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